Essential Questions

  • I. How Do We Know What We Know?
  • II. What Are The Problems of Knowledge?
  • III. What is the role of Perception in attaining Knowledge?
  • IV. How does Language influence how he gain Knowledge?
  • V. How does our use of Reason help or hinder us as we attempt to gain knowledge?
  • VI. Is Emotion the best way to gain knowledge?

ToK Essay

In a 3-5 page TYPED paper, please address the following question. Essays are due May 22.

I. Why are informal fallacies (i.e. Ad ignorantiam, Hasty Generalization, Circular Reasoning, Special pleading etc.) often plausible and convincing?
II. In regards to Enron, when, where and by whom were they formulated? Please be specific and cite the movie and the Gladwell reading (only if you want an A or a B).
III. Are there circumstances under which the use of informal fallacies can be justified? For example, in public advertising campaigns aimed at persuading us to donate money for good causes. Consider Gladwell's quote that "It's your fault as well." What are the implications of this? What would be the counterclaim?
IV. Have you ever used informal fallacies? In a paragraph, provide specific details on when this occured.

Opening paragraph, body, transitions and conclusion needed to receive highest mark on Organization section of rubric.
The essay will be graded on the ToK Essay Rubric found on this blog.

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